Bike Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller

Date: July 20, 2021

This 62 mile rail-trail runs north from Richmond to Marion. We bicycled 22 miles beginning in downtown Richmond. The trail slowly gained over 220 feet as we trekked north into the countryside but was easier peddling on the way back. The trail was 90% shaded with tree cover, crossed two bridges, past a log cabin and paralleled the Whitewater River a while.  Along the way we saw dozens of rabbits, many very interesting historical markers and several “no Amish buggy” signs since they must have used the bike path and not the main roads in the past. Afterwards, Rosie treated herself to delicious coffee at Roscoe’s Coffee Bar.


Hiking Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller

Date: July 21, 2021

We hiked almost three miles in different sections of this paved, isolated, tree covered trail that paralleled the Whitewater River. At the Weir Dam section we crossed a long 200 foot, wooded swinging bridge across the river. Thistlethwaite Falls was very impressive. The Falls fall 47 feet in many cascades and is very wide. Afterwards Rosie enjoyed delicious coffee at 5th Street Coffee & Bagels.


Expedition Team: Dave Miller

Date: July 21, 2021

Haunted or just an urban legend? Built in 1988 across the Whitewater River in a section of Whitewater River Valley Park, this suspension footbridge is allegedly haunted by ghosts from several unexplained deaths which occurred beneath the bridge.  The wooded slates of the bridge squeaked above the rushing water as we made our way precariously across the long, swaying 200 foot span. Several boards needed replaced. The spookyness of the creaking wood, whirling water and the large overgrown trees on each end of this deserted site did make you feel uneasy. I bet it is real scarry at night. My short EVP session revealed no evidence although local ghost hunting clubs have posted some EVP evidence.


Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miler

Date: July 20, 2021

This Roadside Attraction built in 1983 is a castle built using 256,729 pennies, 1,953 nickels, 295 dimes, 286 quarters and 11 half dollars. It is located in the Richmond Furniture Gallery. I did my math and the coins used in the project total, $2,771.44 with $2,567.29 of that just in pennies. I offered to purchase the castle for $1,000 but for some reason they turned me down.


Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller

Date: July 20, 2021

This famous Roadside Attraction is painted on the side of Firehouse BBQ & Blues Restaurant in the old Depot District. It depicts a building in flames and an old woman dropping her cat out of a window into a net of firemen below. There were many other beautiful murals on nearby buildings.  


Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller

Date: July 20, 2021

Inside the Richmond Furniture Gallery in the old Depot District, there were four stories of furniture, lots of nostalgic antiques, model train sets and this Roadside Attraction – the World’s Largest Dining Room Chair. The back of the chair came up about six feet tall. A second identical chair is in the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum in Florida. Looks like the chair was made for Andre the Giant!  

GHOST OF THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN Hollywood Hills, California

Investigation Team: Dave Miller

Date: 1991 and June 2009

Photo #1 shows the famous iconic sign in the distance as I jogged down Sunset Blvd competing in the Los Angeles Marathon in the spring of 1991. The next day I drove up near the sign as I drove over the ridge to Burbank. I was not aware there was a ghost associated with the sign until I stumbled across the story talking to two park rangers when we visited Griffith Park Observatory and the huge park in 2009. Back in 1932 when the original sign said “Hollywoodland” (land was removed from the sign in the 1940’s), an early film starlet but soon out of work actress named Peg Entwistle hiked up steep Mount Lee in Griffith Park, climbed onto the sign and jumped 50 feet to her death off of the letter H. Many say the sign has been haunted ever since.

The park rangers told me the first ghost stories began in the 1940’s. In 1990 a couple hiking the Griffith Park trails were approached by a disoriented blond woman dressed in 1930’s clothing and then vanished before their eyes. Adding credibility to the story is that many park rangers over the years have claimed to see the sad young woman wandering the trails near the Hollywood sign especially on foggy nights. When rangers approach, she vanishes. A third ranger I talked to said he had a sighting of a disembodied woman on a switchback trail near the sign three months earlier which gave him a fright. Sometimes the smell of Entwistle’s perfume “gardenias” has been smelled on the trail near the base of the sign where her body was found. That day the five of us Miller’s did not get to hike down the canyon trails to the Hollywood sign for an impromptu investigation but it was fascinating to learn from the park rangers of this local urban legend.


Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller, Debbie Orca Miller

Date:  May 1, 2021, July 15, 2021

This wooded 2.5 mile out and back trail at Caesars Creek State Park was fun. Beginning on a ridge, the trail descended to Flat Fork Creek where we crossed a long swinging rope bridge. I enjoyed trying to swing the Orca off the bridge. A short trail leads down to the picturesque waterfalls which were not that tall but you could wade in the creek above or below them. On the way back when walking up the hills I was gasping and could not get my breath. Two days later I was placed for eight days at the Ohio State James Cancer Hospital where I found out I had lost 50% of my lung capacity and had graft vs. host disease in my lungs and a double pneumonia at top of that.

Well it’s 2 ½ months later and my steroid treatment is working. We are back on the trail and even though it is shady the temperature is 88 degrees and humid. I had to test my lung capacity and I feel that I have reclaimed at least 30% of it back so far as I breathed very well hiking up the hills today. God has blessed me again! As for the falls, we had heavy rain two days ago and the falls were briskly flowing.


MUFON Investigation Team: Dave Miller, Richard Seifried, Jean Byrne

Investigation Dates: May 12, 1988, January 23, 1989

Case Date: May 12, 1967 – the first investigation was an interview with the witness, the second investigation was a light regressive hypnosis session. The witness named Dave at the time was 13 years old and was delivering his morning Dayton Journal Herald newspaper at 3:30am in the morning. Three quarters of the way done he came to an apartment complex to deliver to the Farrel residence at Roland Circle and Sundale Avenue. Dave parked his bike on the sidewalk, took two steps and put the paper in the screen door and turned to walk away. He looked down and noticed it was daylight on his feet. “I just stopped and thought I am really tired this morning. It was just pitch black out at about 4:15am,” stated Dave. “I took a few more steps and as I took a few steps this light moved. I thought this is really weird”.  Dave barely heard some type of hum and looked up. He saw an object that was a big, round giant metal dish. It moved above him about 30 feet above the ground. It had colored lights on the bottom and flashed real fast so that it was hard to distinguish the rotation. It also had a lowered structure below it.

Dave said he was scared, couldn’t scream nor move. He’s not sure how long he froze there and wonders if he was abducted for a while. He started drifting toward his bike as the light followed him. The UFO went up into the air a little bit and as soon as that happened Dave jumped on his bike and took off not completing his paper route. The UFO shot up into the air at a 45 degree angle and then it was gone. Dave could not tell his grandmother or aunt of his experience when he got home (his parents were at the hospital as his mom was having a baby). After the incident Dave had bad dreams for a couple of years about this experience. It was always the same dream. Several days later after Dave’s incident the Dayton Daily News had an article and photos of a UFO flying over Wright Patterson Air Force Base causing issue with the Air Force.

Dave had another UFO sighting of three or four lights in the sky in October 1973 at the Southland 75 drive in theater. Over one hundred other people at the drive-in witnessed the UFO’s. Fighter jets eventually showed up and the UFO lights split up and went in various directions.  After Dave was married he had a one hour block of missing time one morning making him late for work. Since he is always on time and cannot explain the missing hour he wonders if he was abducted.  His wife had memories of a bedroom encounter with two alien figures about 3.5 feet tall that took place in 1975 while Dave slept beside her.


MUFON Investigation Team: Dave Miller, Joe Ruscher

Investigation Date: March 10, 1989

Case Date: October 21, 1978 – At 3pm in the afternoon, Robert aged 40, was working in his front yard, looked up a saw a vapor trail in the sky. The sky was clear with one high layer of cirrus clouds. He saw a tiny ball, shiny like chrome coming from the North at about 35,000 feet. “The object turned and then flew above and on the other side of the vapor trail,” stated Robert. “It then flew east and the color turned to a flat white. I yelled for my wife to bring the binoculars”.  The UFO stopped, turned a flat gray color, hovered there for a bit – maybe a minute, then took off straight up real fast through the cirrus clouds (estimated height of 40,000 feet) and then it was gone”. The entire sighting took about three minutes.

Robert has a private pilots license and could tell the difference between fresh and old vapor trails. “The vapor trails were not new. They were getting puffy. There was no vapor trail from the object and no sound from it,” added Robert. He went on to say that a helicopter, plane or weather balloon cannot do what he saw the object do in the sky that afternoon.  He called the local television station and the station had received several other UFO sighting reports.