HOT SPRINGS NATIONAL PARK – Mountain Trail Hot Springs, Arkansas

Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller                   Expedition Date: October 12, 2019

We hiked 3 miles on the Short Cut Trail, the Mountain Trail, the Park Trail and the Zig Zag Trail in the rain (only our second time it rained the entire 30 day trip).  It was a winding trail through woods.  Rix Tower, a lookout tower 1,250 feet tall with a gift shop pavilion was about a mile up the trail.  Along one part of the dirt trail began a section covered with beautiful sparkling rocks of various size.  Back at the trailhead at the Hot Springs National Park Headquarters was a steaming thermal jug water fountain using natural hot spring water.

Prior to hiking Rosie befriended a homeless lady named Robin. We drove her to the local laundry so that she could dry her clothes and we gave her food money.

That night we ate supper at Superior Pub, a former spa and now a restaurant & microbrewery, which used hot spring water in the beer.  Hot Springs National Park is the smallest national park and is the only national park that makes and sells its own beer. I enjoyed a tasty reuban sandwich, hot chili and a cold brewsky.

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