Investigation Team:  Rosie Miller, Dave Miller
Investigation Date:    November 2009, April 2021

HISTORY: Since 1812 the Inn has provided travelers with comfortable lodging & dining.
CLAIMS: Of the 25 guest rooms, several are haunted. Room Nine is visited by the “lady in blue”, Bonnie Bounell, the Inn’s owner from 1934 to 1960. She died in the room and is seen there & also walking the upper balcony between rooms. Staff smell her perfume, doors open & close by themselves. In Room Seven (Photo#5), partial apparition has been seen & patrons have been touched. Drawers open, footsteps are heard, and a ghost cat has been heard purring in the room as well. In the yellow dining room, a pitcher of water flew off the table. In the Tavern Room, footsteps were captured on a tape recorder. Sounds of people talking & eating when no one is there have been heard in the Wine Cellar Room. Both Orrin Granger and Major Horton Buxton’s apparitions have both been seen on the property. 
INVESTIGATION: After visiting daughter Jacque at nearby Ohio State-Newark campus, Rosie & I visited the Inn twice. We explored several of the seven distinctive dining rooms such as the basement Tavern Room & Wine Cellar where we were alone for about ten minutes. No paranormal sounds were recorded. I talked to a group of five women from Cincinnati who rented & stayed the night in room 9. They did not have any ghost experiences.

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