Investigation Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller         Date: July 24, 2020

We have bicycled underneath this urban legend dozens of times as the trestle runs above the Great Miami Valley Recreational Trail just north of Rice Field. Stories abound of people that have been killed there, of red eyes that you can see across the river and of branches moving like someone is walking through them but no one is there.  On this July morning after a 14 mile bike ride, we rested under the shade of the trestle. Nothing seemed out of place. I eventually climbed the steep bank and walked out upon the bridge railroad tracks and took photos. I can see if kids were walking across the tracks and got caught off guard by a fast approaching train that they would have to outrun the train or jump off the high trestle. Later that day, a Google search revealed a ten year old girl was killed when hit by a train at 10:30pm on August of 2006 as she, her father and a friend walked their bikes across the trestle. I will contact Miamisburg News to research if there are other alleged deaths. But personally, I have rested underneath the trestle many times both in the evening and during the day and nothing paranormal has ever occurred.  

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