Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller, Jacque Miller, Holly Miller, Shane Miller

Date:  August 13 & 14, 2009

These national parks are located in the southern Sierra Nevada range and is home to & notable for its giant sequoia trees.  We drove up a winding road on the edge of the mountain where we saw a small rainbow off to the south. We rented a small wooden cabin in the woods (Photo#2) to stay overnight, the perfect setting for ghost and sasquatch stories.  All day we hiked the trails to see the famous giant trees like the General Sherman, a 2000 year old tree and the largest tree on Earth by volume. It grows in the Giant Forest where five of the ten largest trees in the world grow.

Sequoia NP is contiguous with Kings Canyon NP so we visited two national parks when we drove the Generals Highway into Kings Canyon and hiked to the famous General Grant sequoia tree.  The tree is the second largest tree in the world, is thought to be over 1,650 years old and has the third largest footprint of any living sequoia tree measuring over 107 feet in circumference at ground level. Holly & Jacque pose in front of the 267 feet high Genera Grant tree.

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