MUFON Investigation Team: Dave Miller, Richard Seifried, Jean Byrne

Investigation Dates: May 12, 1988, January 23, 1989

Case Date: May 12, 1967 – the first investigation was an interview with the witness, the second investigation was a light regressive hypnosis session. The witness named Dave at the time was 13 years old and was delivering his morning Dayton Journal Herald newspaper at 3:30am in the morning. Three quarters of the way done he came to an apartment complex to deliver to the Farrel residence at Roland Circle and Sundale Avenue. Dave parked his bike on the sidewalk, took two steps and put the paper in the screen door and turned to walk away. He looked down and noticed it was daylight on his feet. “I just stopped and thought I am really tired this morning. It was just pitch black out at about 4:15am,” stated Dave. “I took a few more steps and as I took a few steps this light moved. I thought this is really weird”.  Dave barely heard some type of hum and looked up. He saw an object that was a big, round giant metal dish. It moved above him about 30 feet above the ground. It had colored lights on the bottom and flashed real fast so that it was hard to distinguish the rotation. It also had a lowered structure below it.

Dave said he was scared, couldn’t scream nor move. He’s not sure how long he froze there and wonders if he was abducted for a while. He started drifting toward his bike as the light followed him. The UFO went up into the air a little bit and as soon as that happened Dave jumped on his bike and took off not completing his paper route. The UFO shot up into the air at a 45 degree angle and then it was gone. Dave could not tell his grandmother or aunt of his experience when he got home (his parents were at the hospital as his mom was having a baby). After the incident Dave had bad dreams for a couple of years about this experience. It was always the same dream. Several days later after Dave’s incident the Dayton Daily News had an article and photos of a UFO flying over Wright Patterson Air Force Base causing issue with the Air Force.

Dave had another UFO sighting of three or four lights in the sky in October 1973 at the Southland 75 drive in theater. Over one hundred other people at the drive-in witnessed the UFO’s. Fighter jets eventually showed up and the UFO lights split up and went in various directions.  After Dave was married he had a one hour block of missing time one morning making him late for work. Since he is always on time and cannot explain the missing hour he wonders if he was abducted.  His wife had memories of a bedroom encounter with two alien figures about 3.5 feet tall that took place in 1975 while Dave slept beside her.

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