FAIRBORN 5K RUN Fairborn, Ohio

Running Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller

Date: 1990

This was the only time I ran faster than my wife in a 5K race. I ran a 21 minute 10 second 5K. Rosie was an elite runner and always finished in the top five women overall in every race or first or second in her age group. So today was divine intervention, or perhaps it was the pint of Jack Daniels I drank before the race. She went out extremely fast with a 6 minute 30 second first mile and was a little tuckered out by that last mile. On a downhill road about a half mile from the finish line I smacked her on the rear end as I passed her up. I had great energy and kept up my speed to beat her by about 50 yards.  Lucky for me a friend who wasn’t running that day took photos of me before and during the race to document this incredible upset victory.

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