THE QUEEN MARY Long Beach, California

Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller, Shane Miller, Jacque Miller, Holly Miller

Date: August 8, 2009

After dropping Matt off in Arizona for preseason college football practice we continued our vacation in California. We visited Long Beach’s favorite roadside attraction. This famous ship icon is nicknamed “The Grey Ghost” and the ocean liner sailed the North Atlantic Ocean from the 1930’s to late 1967. Queen Mary’s last voyage was in October/November 1967, leaving England and arriving at Long Beach. Today, it serves as a tourist attraction featuring restaurants, a museum, and a hotel. The Queen Mary is over 1,000 feet long and has 12 decks. We explored the ship all day, then took the haunted encounters tour called “Ghosts & Legends of the Queen Mary” where we went down to the boiler room area and the old swimming pool. Later, we took the “Behind the Scenes Guided Tour” and then enjoyed an expensive dinner. That night as the family reclined in the cabin, I roamed the hallways conducting my own paranormal investigation. 

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