Biking Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller

Date: July 16, 2023

We tackled the section of the GMRRT from Tipp City north to Troy and back. After departing from Canal Lock Park in Tipp, a half mile later the trees on both sides of the trail created a canopy overhead providing cooling shade and blocked off the direct sun for about 5 miles. This was wonderful since it was 84 degrees. On the left side of the trail were railroad tracks and the remains of the Miami & Erie Canal.  On the right side for most of the way was the Great Miami River. A few miles north on the trail we came upon Canal Lock 14 and remnants of the canal tender’s house. Farther along the tree cover opened, and we eventually crossed a bridge over the Miami River and biked three more miles to downtown Troy. The county courthouse and Troy historical district were to our left across the river. We saw a small replica lighthouse in the distance. The lighthouse was next to The Boathouse, a restaurant located on the riverbank where we ate crab cakes and walleye for lunch. On the way back from Troy about four miles south we biked past the Waco Museum and flying field. Back at Tipp City in Canal Lock Park, I took photos of the remains of Canal Lock 15 (built between 1833-1837), the old mill where the canal tender’s office was located, and an old canal boat. It was a fun day as we biked 19.5 miles overall.

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