HIKING THE LEDGES BLUE TRAIL Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park, Garrettsville, Ohio

Hiking Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller

Date: September 21, 2023

The one-mile trail wrapped around the eastern base of the spectacular rock formations and ledges and then ascended back up to the top of the ledges on the south side. Tree growth kept the uneven, rocky trail shady. Lots of wildflowers, ferns, beech, and maple trees doted the area. Early on the trail we passed Shipwreck Rock (photo #1) which to me looks like a shark with a pin. Then we came to Face in the Rock (photo #2). This trail is known for its unique artistic tree roots. Some trees cling to the rock faces, their roots pushing into every available crevice making cool designs.

At one rock formation, I wedged into a crevice, crawled through on my hands and knees, and squeezed myself out of a small hole on the other end (Photos 4 & 5) and entered a maze of rocks. Later down the trail, I saw and picked up a two foot long white, red, and black snake which I think is an Eastern Milk snake.  

The rock formations were endless with climbing or tight squeezes everywhere. This was definitely one of my favorite all time hikes.

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