# HAUNTED B-24 LIBERATOR BOMBER National Museum of the United States Air Force, Dayton, Ohio

Investigation Team: Dave Miller, Tyler Kaltenbach

Investigation Date:  February 27 & March 10, 2020, April 1, 2023

“The Strawberry Bitch”, a B-24 Liberator bomber, had a range of over 2,400 miles carrying 5,000 pounds of bombs.  The plane has several paranormal claims.  Visitors say the belly gunner who died on a mission still haunts the plane, rattles and clanks the machine gun and a shadow figure has been seen inside. Mysterious lights have been seen in the plane. One night a custodian sweeping around the plane was touched, slapped in the face and then he saw a face in the airplane.

HAUNTED “HOPALONG” HELICOPER National Museum of the United States Air Force, Dayton, Ohio

Expedition Team: Dave Miller

Date: April 1, 2023

This UH-19B Sikorsky Chickasaw Helicopter, built in 1962, served in the Korean War as a rescue and medical evacuation helicopter and is haunted by the pilot who died on the last mission. The helicopter has a 400-pound hoist above the door and an external sling that can hold 2,000 pounds. Claims include seeing the pilot in the pilot’s seat, bloodstains on the seat, and flickering lights inside of this Vietnam era helicopter. The ghost pilot appears late at night reliving the last moments of his last mission over and over again.

HAUNTED BLACK MARIAH HELICOPTER National Museum of the United States Air Force, Dayton, Ohio

Expedition Team: Dave Miller

Date: April 1, 2023

This is no April Fool’s joke. Built in 1966, this CH-3E Sikorsky is haunted claims numerous AF Museum night janitors and security guards. This transport helicopter flew many high level, classified secret missions and daring rescue missions. The Sikorsky was armor sides, two machine guns, rescue hoist and ability to refuel in mid-air. Cruising speed was 154 mph. Claims include hearing voices and moans from the soldiers that died in the helicopter during missions. This was confirmed by a volunteer who was stationed near the helicopter. There were still bullet holes in the sides of the helicopter that verified its combat activity.


Expedition Team: Dave Miller

Date: June 2022

Sitting around the campfire reminded me of this popular, hilarious western United States urban legend – the legend of the Jackalope. This urban legend always makes me laugh. It reminds me of when camping, I would send my kids out at night with a flashlight and small paper bag for them to go snipe hunting to catch the non-existent snipe.

For those unfamiliar with the jackalope legend, the fake hybrid is said to have first ‘come to life’ in 1932 when Douglas Herrick and his brother conceived of the creature while tinkering in their hobby of taxidermy. Their curious creation became something of a sensation, and over the years, countless versions of the antlered animal were crafted by various artisans. Basically, the jackalope is half jack rabbit and half antelope. How this small animal and large animal could mate is beyond me. In time, all manner of tall tales became attached to the jackalope, which has been depicted as something of a vicious trickster that lured unsuspecting cowboys to their doom by mimicking a human voice and then, upon drawing its victims close, swiftly attacking them with the tiny antlers atop its head. Cowboys were told not to be fooled by its diminutive size and adorable appearance and to “Fear the Jackalope.”

According to folklore, the jackalope was not above being fooled itself as it is said that the creature could be captured if one left a glass of whiskey beside a fire. What cracks me up is that the jackalope supposedly can imitate a human voice. Cowboys singing to their herds at night have been startled to hear their lonesome melodies repeated from a hillside by a jackalope. Jackalopes only sing on dark nights before a thunderstorm. So, this legend is ridiculously silly but a great story to tell when sitting around the campfire. I included a few photos of the kids and me a long time ago riding a giant jackalope at Wall, South Dakota.

HAUNTED WOODY DOLL Bloomington, Illinois

Investigation Team: Dave Miller

Date: July 22-23, 2022

While visiting relatives, I was told by a woman we will call RS, that a child’s doll named Woody from the movie “Toy Story” has caused the family a fright. Twice the doll spoke words all by itself without being touched by a human hand. During my investigation it did not speak on its own. It was rather eerie looking, sitting under a table in the corner. There is no battery in the doll. So, is this doll possessed or did the voice mechanism just malfunction? The family will continue to monitor the doll and keep me posted if anything unusual occurs.


Investigation Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller, Jacque Kelly

Date: February 18, 2023

The gates kept us from entering and investigating this beautiful but creepy looking Gothic Revival Memorial Mausoleum built in 1870 by Edmund Dexter. I expected an upper window to open and Count Dracula look out and bats to fly out of a nearby broken window. Located in Spring Grove Cemetery, the 2nd largest cemetery in the United States, this mausoleum is often misidentified as a chapel and cost $100,000 to build back in 1870. My research revealed that inside the locked lower level are 12 catacombs where the bodies of four generations of the Dexter family reside. The mausoleum overlooks one of the cemetery’s picturesque lakes and the urban legend states, if you sit on the landing of this tomb, two white dogs or wolves will run by. Sources indicate that the wolves will stare at you with red glowing eyes and a blood curling howl. I sat there overlooking the beautiful lake and landscape and felt nothing but peace. The entire cemetery has 225,000 people buried here there are only a couple alleged ghost stories. This truly seems like a made-up urban legend.


Investigation Team: Dave Miller, Jacque Kelly

Date: February 18, 2023

Many cemetery visitors have claimed the scary tombstone eyes of Charles Breuer, a wealthy real estate mogul stares at them with his yellow eyes and follows them walking past. But one claim is much more frighting. One evening a man was walking through the Spring Gove Cemetery, the 2nd largest cemetery in the United States. He admired the landscaping and walked by the large tombstone of Charles Breuer. The large, white, rectangular marble tombstone has a bust of Charles – head, neck, and shoulders – protruding in the center of the grave marker. The stone face is carved with great detail, beard, nose, mouth and very realistic yellow eyes. As the man walked by and the eyes followed him, one eye popped out and fell to the ground and landed near his foot. The eye turned and looked at him. As the story goes, the man screamed and fled. The man returned the next day to see if he had just imagined things the previous day and found both stone eyes intact in the bust but found a wet, slimy trail on the ground where the “eye” rolled. Jacque and I took many photos of the bust’s head and the eye. E walked by the tomb but did not notice the eyes following us. This could just be another urban legend.


Investigation Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller, Matt Miller, Breanna Miller, Holly Eller, Jacque Kelly

Date: September 25, 2022

I was being treated at the popular restaurant for my birthday for some great German food, so we used that occasion for an investigation as well. We had investigated here prior to May 2019 when the restaurant was damaged by a tornado. A quick history, the building was built around 1910 and first used as a general store and deli on the ground floor while the owner’s family lived upstairs. In 1989 the building was sold and reopened in 1990 as a restaurant.

As for the paranormal, staff claim doors slam by themselves, glasses have flown off shelves, lights and fans turn on by themselves. A girl with black hair wearing a white gown has been seen staring out of the attic window and one time an apparition appeared in front of the cook. Staff have told me that they feel uneasy and scared in the basement stockroom. Some believe the ghost is Genevieve Ksiezopolsli, daughter of the original general store owner. She is called “Chickie”, never married and lived her entire life in the building.

On this evening I obtained no evidence from EVP sessions at the restroom area and near the bar but we did talk to a couple waitresses that provided additional stories and some photo evidence. One employee has seen the face and black silhouette of his body looking out the east first floor window when she would lock up and leave. Could this be the ghost of the original owner? The other employee provided me with two photos taken at the restaurant after it closed for the evening. The first photo looks to be a misty face. The second photo appears to be a person on the left wearing a white dress or nightgown. Our ghost hunting club hopes to investigate during October, one of the only opportunities that the restaurant allows anyone to investigate there.


Expedition Team: Dave Miller

Date: October 7, 2022

So, what was I doing watching out for snakes and hiking through this stream on the outskirts of Waynesville? I was retracing the steps based upon an old newspaper article in the Cincinnati Enquirer where over 60 residents witnessed a large lizard creature after it attacked a teenage boy.

Here’s the story. In the north area of Waynesville, Old Stage Road crosses over Satterwaites Run, a stream where in May 1882 two boys Ed (age 13) and Joe (age 11) Lynch made an incredible, terrifying discovery. They were chased by a cryptid called the Crosswick Monster. In the months prior to this, locals reported large unknown tracks crossing over the dirt road. However, on this day while the brothers were fishing in the stream, they heard loud sounds coming from the tall grass. Suddenly a huge 12-foot-long scaly lizard, black and white in color with yellow spots, ran toward them on its four thick legs and feet a foot wide. The reptile had a wide head and forked tongue. The boys screamed and ran towards their home, but the fast lizard caught Ed in its mouth and pulled him to the ground.

Joe screamed louder and watched the gigantic lizard pull his brother along the stream to a large sycamore tree, apparently the den of the lizard. The screams were heard by Allen Jordan, George Patterson and Reverend Jacob Horn. When they arrived, the nearly dead Ed was still in the creature’s mouth and almost pulled inside the tree. As the men ran over the lizard (or as some residents called it a giant salamander), dropped the boy as it climbed further into the hollow tree. Ed was quickly taken to Waynesville’s Dr. L. C. Lukens for treatment and the three men rounded up a group of sixty locals armed with clubs, axes, and hunting dogs. They found the tree and started beating on it with clubs and axes. The cryptid lizard surprised them and instead of charging out of the hollow bottom, it leaped to the ground from a large hole in the top of the tree. Landing on the ground, the lizard stood up on its hind legs balanced by its tail and took off away from the group. Some of the vigilante group dove out of the way and others chased the creature.

The residents chased the lizard for over a mile through the stream, over fences, and hills when suddenly the lizard dove into a hole in a hill which was surrounded by large rocks. The men and their dogs surrounded the hole and waited for the creature to emerge, but it never did. Apparently, there was a second exit, and the cryptid was never seen again. As for Ed Lynch, the boy was in severe shock, had bruises and cuts but survived the attack.

Today, Satterwaites Run is still spooky. Walking through the creek the land on both sides is privately owned. The stream was very quiet with overgrown trees blocking out the sun in this section. It was a dry summer and some of the stream was rocky and dry, but another section was knee deep or deeper with small fish.

Based upon the description of the huge reptile, researchers think that the bipedal creature was a monitor lizard except monitor lizards are not known species in Ohio nor do they grow beyond 10 feet. It is unlikely that pioneers or local farmers brought this exotic animal to Ohio. Due to the adrenaline and terrifying encounter, some of the large group trying to rescue Ed Lynch estimated the lizard as over 25 feet long, twice the size of the other witness’s reports. Still, regardless of the discrepancy of the creature’s length by eyewitnesses, what was this cryptid and how did it get here?

Food for thought: 90 years later in 1972, just 24 miles downstream in the nearby Little Miami River, police officers reported another large reptile called the Loveland Frogman. Satterwaites Run stream flows directly into the Little Miami River less than a mile away from where I stood. Coincidence or just another urban legend?

HAUNTED ROCK HOUSE HOTEL Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio

Expedition Team: Dave Miller

Date: October 25, 2022

A lot of urban legends surround the Rock House, a popular hiking destination since the 1820’s. The cave is 25 feet high and 20 to 30 feet long. The length of the cave is about 200 feet and climbing through it I admit it is one beautiful cave. There are many names carved in the sandstone, several going back almost 200 years. In the early 1800’s robbers and bandits used the cave as a hideaway, which lead to the cave’s nickname “Robbers Roost”. In 1835 businessman F.F. Rempel built a 16-room hotel a short distance from the cave. The hotel had a ballroom, stable and post office. I sat at the shelter house just off the trail where the location of the hotel once was.

The urban legend associated with the hotel is the ghost of Mary, a former guest who was found dead in her room. Mary’s body vanished before the police arrived, so it is perceived that someone got away with murder. Rumer has it her ghost roamed the hotel and now roams the trail area and around the shelter house area among the wildflowers.

I did not hear nor see any traces of the ghost which was fine as I did not want to share my tomato/cucumber sandwich with anyone. I have not unearthed any newspaper articles on the hotel murder so this smells like an urban legend and not fact.