Investigation Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller, Shane Miller

Investigation Date:  August 2009

The most beautiful, picturesque haunted hotel I have ever been to and famous as the hotel that inspired Stephen King on October 30, 1974, to begin writing his famous novel about isolation, “The Shining”. King stayed in haunted Room 217 and roamed the deserted long corridors at night which inspired his plot ideas and characters.

HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE:  When we visited, the 142 room Stanley was celebrating it’s 100th year, having opened in 1909. Famous for it’s architecture, magnificent setting, famous visitors and ghosts, the hotel was built by F.O. Stanley who invented the Stanley Steamer. A rare Stanley Steamer car is on display in the lobby. Located only five miles from the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, the hotel is beautiful & the outdoor views are stunning. The famous 1978 movie “The Shinning” starring Jack Nicholson was to be filmed at the Stanley but had to be relocated due to lack of summer snow and adequate electric power. Stephen King returned in 1996 to the Stanley, produced and filmed at the hotel a six hour TV mini-series movie of The Shining that more closely follows his book. Many movie props are on display

PARANORMAL CLAIMS:  Mr. Stanley’s apparition is seen in the bar, billiards room and main lobby, Mrs. Stanley by the piano in the music room. Lord Dunraven apparition (who sold Mr. Stanley the land for the hotel) haunts Room 401. Ghost children play and haunt the 4th floor hallways. The ghost of head chambermaid Elizabeth Wilson haunts room 217 and the 2nd floor hallways. Wilson was almost killed in an explosion in October 1939 as it took three hours to excavate her from the rubble. A homeless woman haunts the concert hall and a boy named Billy appears as a misty figure in the icehouse.

INVESTIGATION:  After a 12 hour drive from Las Vegas, we arrived at 10pm. Most patrons were in their rooms. We informally investigated the lobby, bar, music room, staircase and hallways for over an hour. We stayed in Room 402 next to the haunted Lord Dunraven Room. At midnight Rosie went to sleep as Shane watched “The Shining” movie with Jack Nicholson which is shown on the hotel TV channel 24 hours a day. From 1:00 to 2:30am I walked the empty lobby, bar, music room and hallways. Standing there alone looking down the long corridors, one could feel the isolation and loneliness. I spent some time outside of room 217 and the maid/janitor’s closet nearby. I kept returning to the 4th floor and once I faintly heard a child giggle behind me, but the hallway was deserted. Later on, I got a good scare which was kind of funny. At about 2:00am as I crept silently around a corner on the third floor, a man was noiselessly tip toeing around the corner from the other direction with his camera. We scared each other and I almost screamed like a Barbie. He was a visiting ghost hunter from Oregon. After getting some sleep, the following morning I had the best breakfast ever – fresh salmon, eggs, toast and sausage. Afterwards, we investigated the concert hall (a separate building) and returned to the main building where I talked a housekeeper into letting me enter Room 401. I took photos and did EVP’s but got no responses from Lord Dunraven. I would like to return someday to this beautiful hotel for recreation or ghost hunting. “Redrum” to all.

From my photos, you can see the scenic views of Rocky Mountain National Park from the front porch, the beautiful interior of the hotel and the foreboding, eerie corridors that seem to stretch into another portal.

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