Investigation Team:  Matt Miller, Austin Whitt, Dave Miller

I’m groggy as the anesthetic has not totally wore off yet so I apologize if some of the words are misspelled. I’m logging this adventure on Matt’s laptop from my hospital bed at Kettering Memorial Hospital because they won’t release me until tomorrow. I just had a four hour surgery to re-attach the left ring finger on my left hand. Well, sometimes accidents happen and this adventure took a turn for the worse.

Just north of Heather Hills Subdivision where I live and just north of the neighboring subdivision German Village is a wooded area containing an old Native American Burial Ground. Two decades ago archaeologists from SunWatch Indian Village and Archaeological Park (located 1 mile north of here on West River Road) dug up significant artifacts from the Fort Ancient culture of Hopewell Indians that were buried there hundreds of years ago. The past several months I have had friends and neighbors tell me that they have seen strange green or white lights floating above the trees or in the wooded area of the burial ground. A Police Officer whose house on Munich Avenue in German Village and butts up to the wooded area said he took his dog out last night at 3:00am to go to the potty and witnessed strange green pulsating lights. Being an amateur historian, archaeologist and paranormal investigator I always wanted to hike those woods where the burial ground was. So with recent “sightings” we decided to look for evidence. This evening we took our cameras and lanterns, hopped in Matt’s pickup and took off on the five minute drive. The temperature was 56 degrees, windy and overcast.

As we parked and got out I felt a strong sense of foreboding as the trees swayed in the strong breeze, the wind whispering like a banshee. I should have felt safe since my son Matt is in the Police Academy and bench presses 475 pounds and Austin is an Army Veteran and just as strong as Matt but tonight felt different. The woods seemed menacing and scary. We found a deer trail and hiked ten minutes through the woods. As the darkness descended upon us I heard an owl hoot and several bats flew by.

Matt and Austin stopped and pointed as we saw what looked like small balls of light moving in the trees in the distance. We continued forward cautiously. To the right we saw a green glow and discovered the loose soil on the ground also faintly glowed. We found an old rusty shovel nearby so Matt, then Austin began to dig while I held the lantern. The woods became silent and everything felt eerie. Austin said he felt like he hit something about a foot down in the ground. I began to clear away loose dirt with my hands. As Austin lowered the blade of the shovel he partially turned his head as he heard a noise to his right, saw movement and a green flash of light in his peripheral vision in the woods. I was startled too by the noise and didn’t move my hands fast enough and the blade severed my ring finger. The pain was excrutiating. We quickly wrapped my finger and applied a tourniquet.

We shined the lantern back into the hole and we saw a half exposed skull with a odd green glow. The skull did not look Native American but looked more extra-terrestrial. Suddenly, the skull moved and looked at us. I screamed like a Barbie and almost soiled my pants. Austin yelled and ran off deeper into the woods. Several glowing green balls of light followed him.

We immediately heard a noise behind us and whirled. An entity stood next to a tree. Matt took the shovel to ward off the entity. I picked up my finger off the ground, Matt through the shovel and we sprinted to the truck and raced to the hospital.

Matt is here with me at the hospital. We have not heard from Austin nor know where he is. We are not sure what shadowy entity we saw in the woods during those frantic seconds but luckily we had the camera set on automatic so it continuously took photos. I posted the photos so you be the judge. Oh, by the way, April Fools! Hope we fooled a few of you. Sorry, couldn’t help it as I hadn’t pranked anyone today.

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