OLD DAYTON PIONEER GRAVE Expedition #2 Moraine, Ohio

Expedition Team:  Dave Miller

Expedition Date:  September 2017

This is our second trek to find the grave site of Dayton Pioneer Bernard Gansford.  Dennis Griffith, John Spears and I found the grave marker in the woods on Calvary Ridge off of a deer trail back in 1972.  The dates on the marker for this old Dayton pioneer was 1820-1876.  Since I have not hiked this trail in 44 years there is a good chance that soil, leaves and debris cover the marker.  My quest is to find it and report it to Calvary Cemetery and to research who this pioneer was.

At the bottom of Cavalry Ridge at the beginning of my hike, I found 22 golf balls in the same grassy area as on July 23 when I found 25 golf balls (and there are more to be found). I made the ascent up the hill and after 30 minutes of searching I found the old deer path trail that I last walked in 1972. After a half mile of hiking and spooking many white tailed deer, the trail ended in waist high weeds. Fifty yards later I exited the weeds to find an open area and a maintenance shed in the far west property of Cavalry Cemetery.

I am certain that the pioneer’s marker was just off this deer path. John Spears, the photo I posted should match the 1972 Super 8 film that we teenagers took of us hiking the trail.

Near the end of my hike I found a few old bricks that looked like the early 1900 brick that Ron Elter dug up on our third expedition at the South Dixie Highway excavation site. There was some engraving on the brick. I will research that.

I am very exciting that I found the trail. If anyone wants to join me for a hike dress for the weather, wear hiking boots and bring a hiking stick. There is a 50 yard ascent up the hill which is slightly challenging but once on the summit of Cavalry Ridge it is a comfortable hike the rest of the way.

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