Investigation Team:  Jimmy Hall, Carin Bell, Jeremy Bryant, Penny Tincher, Tim Sabin, Dave Miller

Investigation Date:  October 26, 2016

Ellerton Cemetery, located near the corner of Route 4 and South Union Road, was established in 1815. It was a clear, pleasant evening as the team roved the large area located just behind the church buildings. The City of Moraine is in charge of maintaining the property. In the dark, the foreboding markers looked like a scene out of “Night of the Living Dead”.

HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE:  The National Park Service lists the cemetery on the National List of Historic Places. Several Civil War soldiers are buried there along with many pioneer families from Moraine, West Carrollton and Jefferson Township.

INVESTIGATION:  The team split up into pairs or by themselves. Jim and Penny both received high spikes on their mel meters (EMF detectors) near several tombstones of the Michael family. There were no electrical power lines or underground lines to debunk their findings. Two small lights glowed in the distance but were debunked as they turned out to be a solar angel and solar cross. Carin was reading a marker and commented how young the mother and daughter was. Immediately, Jeremy & Carin’s EMF meter spiked for a long period of time. Jim did several live updates that night on Facebook live.

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