Fishing Team:  Matt Miller, Nick Salyers

Date: June 2010

Although I didn’t join this expedition, I include it in my adventures because son Matt caught an enormous 42 pound blue catfish using chicken liver as bait. It took Matt 20 minutes to land it. Nick also caught a large shovelhead catfish. Matt is such a better fisherman than me and specializes in catching big catfish.


Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller

Date: July 4, 2014

I retired the first of the year and had a “good” week from chemo so we took the SS Breakwind out on the Miami River to view the City of Moraine’s Independence Day Fireworks. This is the first time I did not have to be in charge of the event or work it since 1979. We steered the boat from the Moraine boat ramp about 1.5 miles south and anchored above the WC low dam. What a great, different perspective to listen to and view the 24 minutes display. Observed beautiful fireworks reflections off of the water.


Kayaking Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller, Jacque Kelly

Date:  August 2017 

While kayaking the Ohio River Paddlefest, we neared the end of the ten mile trip.  About 4.5 miles west of the Great American Ballpark on the south or Kentucky side of the Ohio River was a boat wreck.  I paddled across the wide Ohio River to observe it and snapped several photos. I did not see a name on the boat. Once the pandemic is over, I want to return and discovery the name of the mystery boat and how it wrecked.


Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Doug Saunders

Date: 2015 & 2016

Twice I was invited to join Doug and his friends to go walleye fishing on Lake Erie. The first charter boat trip we caught our maximum amount which was 36 walleye (six per person).  The Captain constantly kept track so we did not float over and fish in Canadian waters. The second trip we fished for 7 hours total and caught 42 sheephead and white bass (the white bass was tough but still good eating) and 26 walleye.  For about 30 minutes we fished about 1/2 mile out from Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial (Photo#4) on Put-In-Bay Island. The big prize was catching a 10 pound, 30.5 inch trophy walleye.  We took our catch to a local fish cleaning building which was the worst smelling place I have ever been in. But they cleaned and packaged the fish for us and I had lots of fish to take home and eat for weeks.


Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller, Matt Miller, Jacque Miller, Holly Miller, Shane Miller

Date: July 2005

We registered with Barker-Ewing Whitewater and took an 8 mile white water rafting trip down the beautiful Snake River Canyon with our guide Bernie.  Class III rapids such as Big Kahuna, Lunch Counter and Ropes tossed us about and gave us an exciting bumpy and wet ride. Shane and Holly almost got thrown out several times. During the slower sections of the river the scenery was beautiful. At one point, Matt and Dave jumped in and cruised through a fast but not so rough swimmer’s rapid.

After the rafting I grabbed a local newspaper and discovered just days before the annual Young Eagles free airplane rides for kids was held at Jackson Hole Airpark (our kids participated many times at the Moraine Airpark). One pilot who lives near Jackson Hole was Indiana Jones himself, Harrison Ford, who gave many free rides. What a treat that would have been to have been here for that.


Expedition Team:  Dave Miller, Rosie Miller           Expedition Date:   July 6, 2018

Our final day at Denali National Park.  While Rosie hiked with most of the G Adventures group, me and four others took the eleven mile white water raft ride down the Nenana River Canyon on the northeast edge of the national park.  We wore thicker waterproof outer garments and boots to protect us from the cold river water. 

Moose were drinking in the river as our raft cruised by. The white water was intense most of the trip with several big holes.  It was a fun adventure.  In the photo of the raft, I am in the very front.

KAYAKING ON COLORADO RIVER Willow Beach State Park Marina, Arizona

Kayaking Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller            Kayaking Date:   Oct. 2, 2019

Rosie & I visited Lake Mead & the incredible Hoover Dam. At Lake Mead Rosie fed fish at the marina. We then drove 12 miles south of Hoover Dam to the state park marina and rented kayaks. Paddled 3 miles north on the Colorado River to an area called the “Black Canyon of the Colorado”. Destination, Emerald Cave, where the sun reflects off the water onto the roof of the cave creating a dazzling effect. Saw old pre-Hoover Dam hanging catwalk bridge & cable tramway to a gauging station along the canyon walls. The river was so clean & clear I wanted to jump out of the kayak & go scuba diving. I could see fish and grass 20 feet deep.

Colorado River facts: supplies water for 40 million people; transformed desert land into four million acres of irrigated farmland; 7 states, Mexico & 23 native American tribes share water rights; begins as a trickle of snowmelt high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and is 1,450 miles long; average width is 300 feet; average depth is 20 ft.

We drove 55 miles back to Vegas and attended the Circue de Soleil “O” water show at the Bellagio Casino. It was outstanding.  Funny story, we decided to have a beer before the show at Lily’s, a bar in the Bellagio Casino. Rosie sat at a four seat couch while I ordered the $9 beers at the bar. The greeter came up to Rosie and said you are only able to sit there if your group spends at least $250. That was a no brainer…we stood up and drank. Glad when we left Las Vegas.


Kayaking Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller                Kayaking Date:  September 17, 2019

Rosie & I kayaked seven miles down the river from Meramec State Park to Meramec Caverns. The river was very clean and clear. A beautiful day. A local fisherman told me he eats the bass and perch that he catches. Saw lots of turtles & blue herons. We kayaked into a cave that sparkled from the sun’s reflection on the water and rocks.  We saw dozens of other caves along the way.

MANATEE ENCOUNTER Tomoka State Park, Ormand Beach, Florida

Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller                Expedition Date: July 24, 2019

Rosie & I rented a double kayak from the state park and paddled down the Tomoka River. Within two minutes I spotted a manatee (Photo#3). We paddled upriver and countless channels seeing lots of beautiful birds. Ninety minutes later I saw a manatee come up for air about fifty yards upstream heading our direction. Rosie was in the bow of the kayak. A minute later I saw bubbles about ten feet in front of the kayak. I knew the manatee was going to surface for air real close to us. The manatee suddenly surfaced, splashing Rosie, bumping & slightly tipping the bow of the canoe. She yelled so loud you could have heard her in Tennessee. I couldn’t film the encounter as I had to use the paddle to balance the stern of the kayak from flipping. We have both snorkeled in the water with manatees in the past so we knew manatees are very docile, but Rosie was worried about flipping into the water with alligators nearby. The park ranger had told as that several gators were nesting down some of the channels. After the encounter we enjoyed a scenic trip back to the dock.  When we left the park we saw a family of armadillos (Photo#2) by the road.