Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller

Date: 1987

On day ten of our fourteen day 3,500 mile trip we drove to Page for a 15 mile raft trip down the Colorado River. The expedition company’s van took us down and through a two mile tunnel of solid rock where we climbed aboard a 22 foot raft in front of the 710 foot tall Glen Canyon Dam. The dam is only 16 feet shorter than Hoover Dam. Once the raft began floating downstream we looked overhead to view the incredible Glen Canyon Bridge (Photo#1). When built in 1959 the bridge was the highest arch bridge in the world. The majestic canyon walls connect Glen Canyon & the Grand Canyon. Glen Canyon itself is designated a National Recreation Area. We stopped at sandy Petroglyph Beach where we saw carvings from ancient canyon people going back over 3,000 years. Further downstream the sun striking the canyon walls (Photo#2) accented the beautiful colors. The guide pointed to canyon areas (Photo#3) where scenes from sci-fi movie “Dune” was recently filmed. Later we stopped on a sand beach and were allowed to jump in the cold river water if we desired. Rosie and I (Photo#4) both jumped in and jumped out fast. It was the coldest water that I have ever been in. Back on the raft the sun and the rowing quickly warmed us up.  Later we paddled around the towering sandstone walls and cliffs above Horseshoe Bend. This was a fun raft trip and I have great Super 8 film (where the photos came from) of the adventure.

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