Dive Team:  Shane Miller, Dave Miller

Dive Date:  April 16 & 17, 2013

Our youngest son Shane died on August 5, 2014 at age 20. We miss him very much. In memory of him I dedicate this adventure, our last father/son trip together.

Family trips are fantastic but one-on-one trips are priceless. Just Shane & I flew to George Town, GC and stayed at the Sunset House Dive Resort for five days of diving. It was a memorable trip as Shane enjoyed fifteen reef and wreck dives. Shane was usually very selective on what he ate but on this trip he relished trying the West Indies and British food at the resort. As for diving, the average depth for a dive on GC was 50 to 90 feet but he handled the deeper water well. I lost lots of great photos as my inexpensive dive cameras could not withstand the pressure at the deeper depths. However, on one 45 minute dive to Sting Ray City I did get many photos of Shane feeding squid (Photos#1-#4) to a school of thirteen sting rays. After the feeding, we spotted a hawksbill turtle swimming by (Photo#6 & #7).  Later we posed by the famous underwater statue of a mermaid (Photo#9).

Another dive, this time to Armchair Reef at a depth of 50 feet, a school of 20 large silver tarpon (Photo#10) near a vertical reef. Shane glided into the pack and hovered ten minutes surrounded by 15 of the tarpon, each fish at least three feet long. We also speared one of the prolific lionfish (Photo#11). Only a few of the tarpon photos survived but the memories of the diving and of the trip with Shane will last a lifetime until we meet again in heaven.  


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