FINNJET St. Augustine, Florida

Expedition Team:  Dave Miller, Rosie Miller, Holly Miller, Shane Miller     Expedition Date:   June 2012

An very unique Roadside Attraction.  Called “FinnJet” after a Finnish turbine powered ferry, this 29 foot silver car is fitted with a freezer, microwave, two air conditioners and a sauna all fed by three batteries and three alternators.  It is powered by a Mercedes-Benz turbojet engine.  The owner told me he started collecting chrome parts and many accessories for over 15 years and then built it in 2000.  The exterior of FinnJet has parts from 40 cars, 36 mirrors, 86 lamps, a space shuttle and other planes on the roof.  He gets 20+ miles per gallon, weighs 9,500 pounds and has 3 axles.

FinnJet won first place in the Houston Car Art Parade three times, the USA’s largest car-art event.  And talk about chrome, I had to wear sun glasses to take the photos as the Florida sun reflecting off the car blinded me.  I asked, but he would not let me sit behind the steering wheel.

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