Expedition Team: Rosie Miller, Dave Miller, Jacque Kelly, Nick Kelly
Expedition Date: July 2016

Under this old Catholic Church in the Over-The-Rhine District in Cincinnati, Ohio lies a hidden crypt where some of Cincinnati’s first residents are buried. The original church was built in 1819. When the old church was torn down and the new church was built in 1859, a large number of Irish bodies were buried in a mass grave under the alter. Their gravestones were laid down to pave the floor. Today 41 tombstones lay or are leaned against the wall in two small dimly lighted, spooky rooms in the lower level of the church.  Some say it is haunted, others say no.

Topside, the church is very beautiful. Above the front door is a statue of St. Francis which was imported from Munich, Germany in the 1860’s.

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