Expedition Date:  January 12, 2017
Expedition Team:  Dave Miller

Before reading the title, look at the photo’s first and I bet YOU CAN”T GUESS where all of the artifacts were found?
I traveled to the Allen County Historical Museum in Lima where I observed a very weird, unusual collection. The exhibit collection was made up of keys, buttons, coins, pencils, pins, screws, rocks, bones and dozens of other items. So where were they found? Give up? They are objects were removed from the lungs, esophagus or larynxes of Lima patients throughout the careers of Doctors Walter and Estey Yingling. In the display cases, under each item swallowed was the name, date and age of the person from which the item was removed. The objects I couldn’t believe in this “Swallowed Object Exhibit” were a long rubber hose, a long metal chain and a metal jack (from the kid’s game, Jacks). As a kid, all I remember eating was dirt.

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