Scuba Team: Matt Miller, Austin Whitt, Dave Miller, Adrian Warfield
Scuba Date: June 11 & 12, 2107

Tuning up for fall diving in Florida & the Caribbean we dove the East River Road Pond. Saw bass, catfish and many large 8 inch bluegill. At about 6 feet down while viewing rocks and shells in non-plant areas, Dave found the jawbone and teeth of some large animal (hopefully wasn’t human). Visibility was 5 to 8 feet. Too dark at about 15 feet depth to see anything. From his kayak Adrian measured the depth at the middle of the large pond at 38 feet.

The following day we dove the Deer Meadow Park Pond. The green algae had reseeded and the water looked clear but surprise – about 10 to 15 feet out from shore and to a depth of four feet was white cottonwood under the water all along the coast. Imagine trying to swim in cotton balls. The cottonwood did not permit us to see the bottom very well and locate frisbee discs. Only four discs were found. Quite a change since October 4, 2016 when the pond was much clearer and we found 21 discs.

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