Expedition Team:  Jacque Kelly, Nick Kelly, Rosie Miller, Dave Miller
Expedition Date:   July 30, 2017

We visited Natural Bridge State Park and hiking the 3.5 mile trail to view the famous sandstone arch. Natural Bridge measures 78 ft. long, 65 ft. high, 12 ft. thick, & 20 ft. wide. We squeezed through the narrow passage and climbed the stone steps to the top of the arch where you can walk across it and continue on the trail for miles. We stopped for lunch at Miguel’s Pizza, a popular spot for rock climbers and hikers, where we ate pizza outdoors.  We then drove a few miles into Daniel Boone National Forest. There we hiked the 5 mile Auxier Ridge Trail , a strenuous hike with many great views of the countryside plus high ridges with long dangerous drops. With dozens of hiking trails we plan to return soon and also bring our four kayaks to kayak the Red River Gorge.

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