HAUNTED UPPER DECK TAVERN Investigation #1 Moraine, Ohio

Investigation Team:  Dave Miller, Jim Hall, Carin Bell, Tammy Brackney (Upper Deck Manager)

Investigation Date:  Wed., August 23, 2017

SIGHTINGS & CLAIMS: Upper Deck waitresses reported being touched, their hair being pulled, sounds of chairs/stools being pushed in, footsteps going up a staircase, footsteps on the second floor when unoccupied. A shadow figure of a man was seen standing in a storage closet off of the pool room. In the basement, an apparition of a man wearing a suit and top hat like a 1930’s gangster was seen standing in front of the meat slicer. The employee could see through him and clearly see the slicer behind him. Employees are afraid to go down into the basement and feel like they are being watched.

TAVERN HISTORY:  The building has been a tavern &/or sports bar since the early 1940’s. A homicide took place in the mid-1965’s as Frank Ramsey shot Roy Rogers (they were two local Frigidaire plant workers) in the bar room area after an argument. Prior to that former Chicago Crime Boss Bugs Moran (please read my previous adventure # 46) kidnapped and robbed the bar manager of $10,000 in 1946 but was arrested. Could the apparition in the basement dressed in gangster attire be Bugs Moran since his last heist was this tavern in Moraine? (Bugs was convicted and later died in prison) . Two people died upstairs when the second floor used to be rental apartment rooms (it is now a meeting place for a motorcycle club).

INVESTIGATION: Video and tape recordings were taken from 12:10am to 1:35am in the basement and first floor rooms. The tapes are being reviewed but have revealed no findings as yet. The basement is very eerie. Lots of basement overhead wiring registered high EMF readings which probably contribute to the feeling of being watched. At 1:25 just before leaving, Jim, Carin and Tammy heard the two doors to the kitchen swing and bang open several times. Upon investigation, they found both doors were securely latched in place.

SIDE NOTE: What intrigued me was that during a preliminary walk through in July when Upper Deck staff told us about the gangster looking apparition in the basement, no Upper Deck employee had ever heard of Bugs Moran nor knew that he had robbed the bar manager of this tavern 71 years earlier. Although we obtained no direct evidence yet to confirm that Bugs Moran was a possible ghost at the tavern, it is still an investigative angle we will pursue. Just two weeks ago two patrons and one employee had a major sighting which I will present in a follow-up adventure.

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