HAUNTED UPPER DECK TAVERN Expedition #2 Moraine, Ohio

Investigation Team: Jim Hall, Jim Bucher (BuchTVguy), Dave Miller, Tammy Brackney (Upper Deck Bar Manager) Jeff Klaene, Mike Sopronyi, Jacque Kelly

Investigation Date:  October 18, 2017

This is a follow-up investigation from six weeks ago due to recent paranormal reports. Special Guest TV Personality Jim Bucher and his crew filmed the investigation, interviewed investigators and made many posts on Facebook Live (go to Jim’s face book at BuchTVguy) to watch the posts. A couple of the posts are on my Facebook site). Buch joined us to investigate and obtain evidence of the possible Bugs Moran gangster ghost & other paranormal claims. Jim’s posts are all hilariously entertaining yet explain the history & nature of the investigation very well.

RECENT SIGHTINGS & CLAIMS:  Two weeks ago on a Tuesday evening two bar patrons were playing pool just after the 12 midnight closing time. The front door was locked and everyone was gone but the two men and a female employee. The man playing pool saw someone walking across the room towards him in the low lighted room. The second man seated across the room yelled “there’s a man in here”. The female employee who was counting down the cash drawer ran into the room but saw no one. Seconds later she said the room became freezing cold and she froze in her tracks until the coldness passed. The three of them did a systematic search of the first floor and the basement but no one else was in the bar except them three.

The following Tuesday Jacque and I interviewed the female employee and one of the men. After related his experience he said that he had another paranormal encounter at the tavern. A couple of years ago he had too much to drink to safely drive home so he went up to the second floor and went to sleep. He was awakened around 3am due to footsteps coming up the stairs. Several times over the next hour he could hear footsteps coming up the stairs but as he peered down the hall the footsteps silenced at the top of the stairs and no person was visible.

INVESTIGATION & FINDINGS:  The crew investigated the second floor, then first floor & lastly the basement from 12midnight to 2:00am. We had access to the second floor for the first time. Tammy said it is rented as a clubhouse for a local motorcycle club but it used to be a couple of rooms/apartments decades before. Cameras & tape recorders were placed in the rooms and stairs when the investigators went to other areas of Upper Deck. Jim Hall caught elevated EMF readings on several areas of the first floor but debunked them as excessive electrical wiring. No paranormal activity was noticed that night.

However, the following day when playing back a tape recorder that I placed at the top of the second floor stairs, I caught an unexplained slam around 1:10am and a second slam about a minute later. It sounded like doors slamming. All investigators were on the first floor at the time and nowhere near the second floor. We plan to interview many more John Bulls/Upper Deck patrons in the near future to hear their paranormal claims and then schedule a third investigation at some point.

EXTRA FINDINGS:  Read Jim Bucher’s column “On the Beat” as he wrote two articles about Bugs Moran and the ghost hunt at Upper Deck Tavern. Go to DaytonCityPaper.com then click on Back Issues. Then click on the October 10 edition and go to page 10. Next click on the October 24-30 edition and go to page 9. I can’t stop laughing at the October 24th column. Great job Buch! (both articles are also on my Face book page).

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