THE GEORGIA GUIDESTONES, America’s Stonehenge, Elberton, Georgia

Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller
Expedition Date: November 17, 2017

Considered one of the top ten mysteries in America, these giant stones were installed on a rural hillside in 1980. The man who built them is anonymous as is the real purpose of the monument.

HISTORY:  In 1979, A man using the alias name “Mr. Christian” showed up to a Elberton granite company with detailed plans and $500,000 dollars. He ordered the rectangular stones, weighing 119 tons of solid granite, to be engraved in coded messages carved in the world’s eight most commonly spoken languages. The message was the same on each stone apparently intended for all of mankind.

Investigation:  On a sunny day Rosie & I drove through the northeast corner of Georgia to the site. Elberton is the “Granite Capital of the World”. We could see the guidestones from the road set back on a grassy hill. Up close the pillars are huge and each contains the same carved, cryptic message in these languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic. On the top slab is Classical Greek and Egyptian Hieroglyphs. A female professor from Saudi Arabia (bottom photo) came by to help me interpret the Arabic slab. On close inspection we noticed the following. 

The east and west corners of the monument track the sunrise and sunset. A slot cut in one of the slabs marks the winter & summer solstices. A shaft drilled through the center marks Polaris, the North star.

There are ten lines on each slab. Some lines talk about a moralistic call to higher thinking (such as seek harmony; protect people with fair laws; don’t be a cancer on the earth). One line seems to be a sign of the end days.

The precisely aligned stones are built to withstand an apocalypse.

In summary, no one knows who is behind this mysterious, sinister message bearing this persons philosophy for the world.

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