DIVING AT RAINBOW RIVER Expedition #3 Crystal River, Florida

Dive Team:  Justin Eller, Holly Miller, Dave Miller

Dive  Date:   October 23, 2018

It was Dave’s milestone 100th dive and Justin’s first scuba dive here at the Rainbow River.  We met American Pro Divers at K.P. Hole County Park with the boat taking us 1.5 miles upstream.  This was a float dive as the current slowly took us back downstream with the pontoon boat navigating nearby.  We saw dozens of sand boils with warmer water coming out of these natural spring boils.  At one boil I stuck my hand down into the loose boiling sand down to my elbow searching for shells, fossils or Indian arrowheads.  We dived for 45 minutes with 20-25 foot visibility at a depth of 5 to 25 feet.  The swirling sea grass looked golden under the sun.  Saw some bass, large gar, a few turtles and lots of small fish.

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