Investigation Team:  Dave Miller, Rosie Miller, Holly Miller, Justin Eller
Investigation Date:    October 20, 2018

Previously, I posted the first part of this story about the 1896 wreck of the Nathan F. Cobb. Ironically, when we arrived at our condo at 9pm, we saw lights out by the ocean & noticed a ship had run aground on the beach at the exact spot as the Nathan F. Cobb, 122 years before. The ship (already stranded there for nine days) was a steel-hulled 77 ft. shrimp boat called AMG. When I spoke to the ship’s captain, he said the anchor chain had broken at night while the crew slept and the vessel drifted ashore. Looking at the ship up close, underneath the AMG lettering was the ships original name, the Miss Jacqueline III (my oldest daughters name).
After another week of waiting for high tide and slowly trying to unbeach itself, the AMG was still there in shallow water as we left town. In an ironic twist, the AMG crew used the pole with the Nathan Cobb shipwreck sign to try to winch itself out into deeper water. Once back in Ohio we heard the boat finally freed itself and sailed away a few days after we left Ormand Beach.

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