Expedition Team:  Rosie Miller,  Dave Miller                                                                                   Expedition Date:  September 2017

It was a little chilly but we wanted to go kayaking.  It had rained twice that week so the Great Miami River was up.  We paddled south a mile and then back towards the dock.  Just north of the dock is a small creek or side channel about 8 feet wide.  With the higher water I was able to paddle the farthest east back into that channel than ever before.  It got too shallow just before the overhead bikeway bridge.  I took a photo and video.  It is one of my most watched videos.  The photo is so good that it was made into a large photo and is hung at the Moraine Municipal Building.  Another copy of it is in my basement at home.  It is the first photo below.  I am very proud of it.

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