Expedition Team:  Rosie Miller, Dave Miller                                                                                    Expedition Date:   August 2017

We hiked a 1.1 mile trail north of the marina and beach area.  As dusk approached we headed to the beach area as a thousand people were parked or had tents to observe the annual meteor shower.  The concession stand was open, they showed a Star Wars movie, an astronomy club had telescopes set up and we got to view the planet Saturn.  We did something we had never done before, we camped out in the back of the pickup truck.  We had a large air mattress, sleeping bags and blankets.  We laid there and looked up at the stars.  Unfortunately, there happened to be a full moon night which brightened the sky more than normal so we only saw a couple of meteors around 10 to 11pm.  We learned one important fact about camping in the bed of the truck, dew.  When we woke up the next morning the outer layer of our sleeping bags and our faces were covered in dew.  Still it was a fun experience.

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