Expedition Team:  Dave Miller, Rosie Miller                                                                                    Expedition Date:  July 4, 2018

Happy Independence Day! After lunch we re-entered the national park.  It was time to tackle the 4.3 mile Mt. Healy Overlook Trail in the afternoon.  The strenuous rated trail climbed 1,800 feet in elevation with many switchbacks.  The trail traverses through taiga forest into high alpine tundra. About a mile into the hike you could see in the distance the bald dome which was our destination, the top of Mt. Healy (Photo#3).  

Rosie carried her bear spray as bears were reported along the trail.  Just being myself, I would occasionally toss a rock into the woods and Rosie would think a bear was nearby.   At the summit we saw beautiful views of the park and beyond.  The sequence of photos (Photo#4-#6) show the climb which got steeper and harder as we ascended.

This was one of our favorite hiking trails of the trip and most rewarding when we finally reached the summit (Photo#8).  Photo #9 is the view looking from the summit back down to our hiking trail far below. We rested a few minutes, ate some snacks and enjoyed the dramatic views of the Nenana River Valley (Photo#10) where we went white water rafting two days later. 

When we finally descended and where back at the starting point of the trail I went to refill my water bottle.  Both doors to the Visitor Center said “Use Other Door”.  I didn’t know which door to use so I just walked away.


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