Expedition Team:  Dave Miller, Rosie Miller                                                                                    Expedition Date:    July 2, 2018

We got up early and drove a couple miles to Adventure 60 North Kayak Livery.  Rosie & I put on waterproof clothing and paddled 4 miles across beautiful Resurrection Bay on Kenai Peninsula.  This was our first time on a 14 foot two person sea kayak.  Sea otters swam by us constantly & bald eagles flew overhead.  We beached, hiked into a state forest one mile to a beautiful waterfall called Bridal Veil Falls (Photo#8) where we had lunch.  The weather was a sunny 60 degrees on the way back across the bay but on the way back it suddenly changed, clouds and fog rolled in and we were pelted by cold rain drops and gusty winds.

That night at Ray’s overpriced Waterfront Restaurant we enjoyed salmon chowder, hot crab cakes and the local Alaskan brewski.  Seward, being a deep water port, does get a few cruise ships and container ships.   Since we were leaving this town of 2,500 people the next morning we missed by two days, the famous Seward Fourth of July event including the Mount Marathon run.  The run began in the late 1800’s as a bar room bet.  Could anyone run up the 3,022 foot peak and back in one hour or less?   Now the 3.5 mile run through town and up Mount Marathon (Photo#10) and back is a classic test of endurance.


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