Expedition Team:  Dave Miller, Rosie Miller                                                                                    Expedition Date:   July 5, 2018

Alaska weather can change fast. What started as a sunny day at mile 1 of the park road turned cloudy, cold with a slight rain 66 miles later at the end of park road.  After I hiked the Gorge Creek Trail we hopped on the park bus for the ride from Mile 66 to the Totlat Visitor Center and restrooms at mile 53.

At the visitor center we had great photos of the Totlat River, valley and distant mountains.  We walked a short trail and saw a replica cast of a cretaceous theropod footprint and a hadrosaur as these real dinosaur footprints were found in 2005 a short distance away from the trail.  The real cast footprint is in Photo#1.  My foot is next to the replica cast (Photo#2) and isn’t even a fifth of the size of the dinosaur.

On benches outside of the visitor center were several moose antlers that we held and tried on.  They were large and very heavy.

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