Expedition Team:  Dave Miller, Rosie Miller                                                                                    Expedition Date:   July 7, 2018

Back in Anchorage after 8 days on the road we said goodbye to our international group and G Adventures guide.  We rented bicycles & biked 10 miles of beautiful bike trails along the inlet and several spurs in town.  Then we biked throughout downtown exploring the city. Beautiful flowers had been planted near town square (Photo#2 & #3).  The city of Anchorage plants more than 80,000 flowers in 270 flower beds around town in the summer months.

We had lunch at the famous White Spot Café, an old time 50’s restaurant that served only one sandwich, a super large halibut fish sandwich (Photo#4).  It cost $16 each for the sandwich & fries but it was super delicious.  For dessert, we enjoyed the delicious handcrafted Alaskan ice cream at Wild Scoops.

We explored many shops, saw unique artwork and later ran into some bears and a sasquatch (Photo#5 & #7). Later that afternoon we took a shuttle bus across town to the Anchorage Zoo which was surprisingly small (Photo#8).  

That evening we ate at 49th State Brewing Company where I tasted my first yak burger (Photo#9).  It was fantastic.  Outside on the terrace we saw the most beautiful sunset at 1:30am at night (Alaska only had a couple hours of darkness this time of year).  I couldn’t stop taking photos of the sunset.


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