Investigation Team: Tom Reed, Shanean Reed, Scott Golden, Dave Miller, Kalen Gordon
Investigation Date: July 12, 2012

The Dayton Polish Club  on Valley Street was founded in 1936.  This part of town called Old North Dayton.  German immigrants first settled in the area.  Around the turn of the century, Central European immigrants, predominately Poles, Hungarians, Lithuanians, Czechs and Germans moved in to give the area a unique ethnic flavor.  This gave rise to Catholic churches, cultural festivals and social clubs.  The Polish Club was one such club advertising games, beer, dances and friends. .  Our ghost hunting club was called in to investigate.     

PARANORMAL CLAIMS: smell cigar smoke in club bar; a member Mr. Harper died of a heart attack in 2006 in large multipurpose room; man tripped and fell down basement stairs and broke his neck; evp’s with son Michael Harper

INVESTIGATION:  Kalen set up multiple cameras in the great hall (multipurpose room), basement and bar (photo#4).  We investigated from 8:30pm to 12midnight.  We were disappointed with management as they still had bar patrons until 11pm which eliminated investigation there until the very end.  We interviewed and did EVP’s with Michael Harper, the blind son of Mr. Harper who died in the great hall.  EVP’s produced no evidence.  I spent much time in the basement where the outline of the original steps (Photo#2) were etched in the wall where the patron had fell and died.  In a corner of the basement, I found creepy, old World War II paintings depicting German Nazi  soldiers occupying Poland (Photo#3).  The old Polish Club investigation did not reveal any paranormal evidence on this night.

POST SCRIPT: Our paranormal team received several nearby referrals from Polish Club members: Our Lady of the Rosary Church is haunted – 1913 flood victims were placed on the gym floor; Ruthie Mills, an older member, lived in 31 years in nearby house is moving.  House is for sale, cats are restless for 3 days since the sign was posted; at a different house, Cindy is the mom and Krissy the daughter. Since July an apparition has appeared in the bedroom.

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