Hiking Team: Rosie Miller, Dave Miller
Hiking Date:  1977, 2014, 2019

It’s not every day you can lay down on the ground and have your body be in three states at one time. I first visited here during my college years in 1977 when it was designated a state park. Today it has national historic park status. To reach this area where Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee all come together at one point, one must hike 1.7 miles on the winding and challenging Wilderness Road Trail and the Tri-State Trail. After finally cresting a large wooded hill the trail comes to a small shelter house. Under the shelter is concrete indicating the spot called Tri-State Peak where all three states touch. We took turns getting our picture taken laying on top of the spot.

The Cumberland Gap was made famous by explorer Daniel Boone whose party discovered the gap in 1769 in the dense, wooded mountains and paved a way to go north into Kentucky.

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