Expedition Team:  Jacque Kelly, Dave Miler                  Expedition Date:  April 2018

Jacque & I took a boat from the island of Rhodes to the small island of Symi (population 2,100).  When the town’s economy was based on the ship building and sponge industries it had a population of 22,000.  Today, the economy is driven by tourism.

After docking and visiting the beautiful Monastery of  the Archangel Michael, we drove over a small mountain with an incredible view of Symi, with hundreds of colorful houses.  The Municipal Clock tower was built circa 1880 (Photo#4). We walked through the village and visited World War II ruins (Photo#6) that still have not been repaired, churches and shops.

For lunch I had a healthy octopus salad.  Cats were everywhere especially at the restaurant begging for food (Photo#9 & #10).  Jacque took a refreshing swim in the harbor.  Nearby an old man repairing a fishing net seemed so “old Greece”. A statue of a boy pointing overlooks the bay. The beautiful, bright colored houses of the city created outstanding photos.

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