ON THE TRAIL OF BIGFOOT Sweetwater, Tennessee

Investigation Team:  Dave Miller      Investigation Date: July 2019

It was inhumanly humid, mosquitos attacking us constantly as we waited beside the trail. I had received a call the day before from Louden County Tennessee authorities. Reports from single mothers in two separate rural homes southwest of Sweetwater, feared for their children’s safety. Both claimed hearing howling from a mysterious unseen entity lurking in the woods nearby… and the feeling of being watched. Arriving the next day my team joined a search party led by local deputies and hunters. We combed the hilly, forested area near the women’s homes for nine hours. No footprints or signs of an animal were found. As dusk approached we were about to call it a day when walking down a narrow deer trail we unexpectantly came upon a sign. A Bigfoot Crossing sign. We quickly hid behind laurel trees and thick bushes. Ten minutes later we heard a tree branch break and the light tread of footsteps. Suddenly in the clearing stepped a biped creature. We snapped quick photos & it was gone. It looked like a juvenile sasquatch but it wasn’t hairy at all. The skin looked more splintery, like plywood. ?

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