Investigation Team: Dave Miller        Investigation Date: February 1993

My Uncle Jim Miller was a well known UFO investigator in the 1950’s through 1980’s. He investigated a very famous national case in Kentucky. Uncle Jim had seen many unexplained UFO’s in the sky over the Pacific Ocean during her service in the Navy in World War II. His interest carried over as a hobby and he became a UFO investigator. As a kid growing up his stories peeked my interest and I read much on the subject. As a young adult I became a UFO investigator for MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) as a hobby for about 15 years. This was my first case.

FIRST UFO SIGHTING: On February 5, 1993, a family living in rural West Alexandria in Preble County had a UFO experience. At 8:15pm, the husband and wife sighted four different size white & yellow/orange lights to the south of their farm house. The lights hovered over woods about 800 feet from their house for almost two hours moving both horizontally and vertically. The lights slowly moved northeast before disappearing. The wife was amazed, scared and excited by the event. A small propeller driven plane passed over the area during the sighting.

SECOND UFO SIGHTING: On April 10, 1993 around 10:30pm, a similar sighting occurred by a friend of the above couple who lived a short distance away. Looking out the door of the house, she sighted three bright lights to the south bobbing over a nearby woods. The objects would go below the tree line and then back up into the sky. They would move clockwise for a while and then hover again. A fourth light appeared as she watched. Eventually, all four lights left in different directions. Her experience lasted for about one hour.

INVESTIGATION: After being contacted by the wife, I traveled to West Alexandria about a week after the first UFO sighting. I interviewed both witnesses separately. They filled out MUFON report forms and drew sketches of the lights. We walked back into the wooded area. I did not observe any evidence of broken or scorched trees or anything unusually. The flight path to the Dayton International Airport in Vandalia was north of the farmhouse, not south where the UFO sighting took place. The wife informed me of the second sighting about two months later. I interviewed the second witness and she filled out the MUFON report form.

I mailed my UFO report to MUFON of Ohio and it was printed in the August MUFON monthly magazine. MUFON of Ohio did not have any other sightings on those evenings in their databank to substantiate the West Alexandria sightings. A couple decades ago it was easy to debunk a large percentage of UFO sightings around the Dayton area as the newly developed Stealth Fighter airplane flew in and out of Wright Patterson Air Force Base under the cover of darkness. Still a small percentage of UFO reports like this one does not fit the mold such as hovering lights over a several hour period.

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