AVROCAR UFO CAR USAF Museum Dayton, Ohio

Investigation Team: Dave Miller, Tyler Kaltenbach, Elizabth Kelly, Rosie Miller    Investigation Date:   February 27, 2020, August 29, 2023

This popular Roadside Attraction is located in the Cold War wing of the WPAF Museum.  It is the Avrocar, a real flying saucer contracted by the US Air Force. In 1952 both communist paranoia and the sci-fi craze swept the country with UFO sightings being reported everywhere in the USA.  At this same time this VTOL, vertical takeoff & landing vehicle, was developed in Canada as a secret US military project.  The Avrocar was manned by two pilots and was to be used as a flying Jeep.  In the air it looked like a flying saucer.  The Avrocar was designed to fly 190 mph but in reality, the prototype was difficult to handle. One pilot said it was like trying to balance on a beach ball.  Not achieving great success, the funding ran out & the project was cancelled.

Conspiracy theorists will say the technology for the Avrocar came by reverse engineering from the crashed flying saucer at Roswell, New Mexico.  But is reality the prototype was built as a “proof-of-concept” test vehicle before building a more advanced USAF fighter plane.

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