Investigation Team: Dave Miller                    Investigation Date: Sept. 16, 2019

You know me, I had to ask the guide if there were any urban legends or paranormal experiences associated with the caverns. I struck it rich. The cavern guide told me many paranormal stories that he & other guides experienced. At an area of the cave called Ghost Alley, guides have reported a mist that couldn’t be explained & a partial apparition of a person. When guides are alone doing walk throughs when closing, they sometimes hear strange, unexplainable noises. In an area by the underground stream where the “Lassie” movie was filmed, standing between two large mounds, a guide named Tubby (who has 40 years of experience at the caves) heard children’s voices and no one was in that part of the cave. On the cave’s lower levels, a guide heard someone running when no lights were on. He heard a crash like someone running into a trash can. The guide turned on his light and no one was around.
Although my time on the cave tour was limited, Kevin our cavern guide allowed me to step aside from our small group and took some EVP’s and photos at Ghost Alley & by the stream. Checking the footage & photos later, I recorded no evidence.



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