KAYAKING ON COLORADO RIVER Willow Beach State Park Marina, Arizona

Kayaking Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller            Kayaking Date:   Oct. 2, 2019

Rosie & I visited Lake Mead & the incredible Hoover Dam. At Lake Mead Rosie fed fish at the marina. We then drove 12 miles south of Hoover Dam to the state park marina and rented kayaks. Paddled 3 miles north on the Colorado River to an area called the “Black Canyon of the Colorado”. Destination, Emerald Cave, where the sun reflects off the water onto the roof of the cave creating a dazzling effect. Saw old pre-Hoover Dam hanging catwalk bridge & cable tramway to a gauging station along the canyon walls. The river was so clean & clear I wanted to jump out of the kayak & go scuba diving. I could see fish and grass 20 feet deep.

Colorado River facts: supplies water for 40 million people; transformed desert land into four million acres of irrigated farmland; 7 states, Mexico & 23 native American tribes share water rights; begins as a trickle of snowmelt high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and is 1,450 miles long; average width is 300 feet; average depth is 20 ft.

We drove 55 miles back to Vegas and attended the Circue de Soleil “O” water show at the Bellagio Casino. It was outstanding.  Funny story, we decided to have a beer before the show at Lily’s, a bar in the Bellagio Casino. Rosie sat at a four seat couch while I ordered the $9 beers at the bar. The greeter came up to Rosie and said you are only able to sit there if your group spends at least $250. That was a no brainer…we stood up and drank. Glad when we left Las Vegas.

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