Expedition Team: Nick Kelly, Jacque Kelly, Holly Elter, Rosie Miller, Dave Miller

Date: June 2020

The advertised 18 mile Rail to Trail was a huge disappointment as the bike trail was only about 1.25 mile long as collapsed train trestles over creeks were yet to be made into trail bridges. Nick coined it best -“Rail Trail Fail”.  Actually, it has great potential but needs a lot of funding and work including a larger parking lot and portajohns. Moonville Tunnel was only a quarter of a mile east from the parking lot with a decent trail.  Outside of the tunnel the bike path turned from smooth to large gravel and ended in a creek. Several large monarch butterflies flew around us and one butterfly landed on Dave’s bike helmet.  It stayed on it for minutes even when dave walked back up the hill to his bike.  He felt the butterfly was Shane saying hi to his family.  Nick led us back along the bike trail to the parking lot and then west.  Less than a quarter mile later a large downed tree blocked the bike trail.  We walked another 50 yards only to find a creek with no bridge over it as the railroad bridge was no longer there.

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