BIKING TEAM: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller 

BIKING DATE: September 22, 2019

After two days of hiking through Arches National Park we rented bikes and biked the Moab Canyon Pathway Trail (Photos #1 & #2) north to the national park entrance and had lunch under a shelter house. This was a difficult uphill pedal on a hot day but fun coasting back. We then biked to the Colorado River and east on Goose Island Trail (Photos#3 – #7 & #11). The bike trail wound 5 miles through the picturesque Grandstaff Canyon next to the waters of the river. On the way back Dave posed by some dinosaurs (Photo#8). Overall, we biked about 20 miles.

Back at our Slickrock Campground site, we cooked out and enjoyed a refreshing beer. Another camper came by pushing two cats in baby stroller. They were part cat, part snow leopard mix (Photo#9). Beautiful cats. The campground cat’s name was Hammy (Photo#10) and was always sleeping on the front registration counter in everybody’s way.  

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