Expedition Team: Dave Miller

Expedition Date: 1998 & June 26, 2012

Huguenot Cemetery, is located across from the historic City Gate into Old Town and was a Protestant burial ground from 1821 to 1884 containing 436 burials. It opened just before a yellow fever epidemic which killed many of St. Augustine’s residents. Ghost claims: supposedly a 14 year old girl who died of yellow fever was left at the City Gates. No one claimed her and she eventually was buried but her ghost has been seen roaming the cemetery. Judge John Stickney died in 1882. Years later his children wanted his body relocated to Washington DC.  Gravediggers exhumed his casket, opened it up and took a break. When they returned they discovered his gold teeth were missing. His tall dark figure has been spotted in evenings and at night roaming the grounds searching for…perhaps his teeth. Many people have also reported shadow figures and strange mists throughout the cemetery.

INVESTIGATION: Holly and I ran past the cemetery in 2013 when we ran the St. Augustine Half Marathon. I have also visited it in the daytime or viewed it at night over half a dozen times. I could not gain night time access but saw or heard nothing unusual even in the quiet dead of night. Took some EVP’s on the west side wall of the cemetery but caught no evidence.

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