HAUNTED JOHN F. KENNEDY PLANE National Museum of the US Air Force, Dayton, Ohio

Investigation Team: Dave Miller, Tyler Kaltenbach, Debbie Miller

Investigation Date:  February 27 & March 10, 2020

The Air Force One Boing 707 plane that President JFK and his wife flew on to Dallas, where Lyndon Johnson got sworn in as new President and where JFK’s body (kept in a rear compartment) was flown back to Washington DC is a popular historical visit.  The flight crew made room for President Kennedy’s casket by removing a partition and these four seats (Photo#5). Vice President Johnson was sworn in as new President in the mid-section of the plane (Photo#3 & #4).

I spoke to several AF Museum volunteer guides privately.  One claimed to hear crying coming from the plane when no visitors were on board.  Several books and articles claim that visitors feel uneasy on board or have seen the apparition of a crying woman (perhaps First Lady Jackie Onasis) . The woman’s apparition or a foggy mist is bent over as in extreme grief needless to say due to the extreme emotional impact of that tragic event.

The two times I visited I was able to spend a few minutes each time with no other people on board.  After taking photos and EVP’s, I did not record any evidence.  However, more time is plainly needed for a better investigation which is hard to come by on this popular exhibit.

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