Expedition Team: Dave Miller

Date: June 1990, July 2022

I was attending the Rotary International Conference in Portland and had a free day so I drove south along the Oregon coast and then east over to Crater Lake NP.  Crater Lake contains the deepest freshwater lake in the USA at 1,932 feet deep and 7th deepest in the world. Mt. Mazama about 12,000 feet tall erupted and collapsed within 6,800 years ago forming the deep basin or caldera. Snow melt and rain filled the caldera. No streams enter or escape the lake. A natural marvel, rain totally refills evaporation that takes place. The lake is stocked with salmon, rainbow trout and brown trout.

The NP was established in 1922 by President Roosevelt and gets about 45 feet of snow annually. I drove around Rim Road, a 33-mile perimeter road that goes all the way around Crater Lake viewing the unique cinder cone called Wizard Island which stands 750 feet above the water & looks like a wizard’s hat (Photo#1 & #4). Peaks around the rim range from 6,100 to 8,100 feet high. I pulled off the road, hiked a half mile and ate lunch at Whiteback Pine Picnic Area, enjoying the majestic view. Later I took a photo of The Phantom Ship (Photo#2), a unique rock formation in the water. Later at the Rim Visitor Center, I purchased several books about Sasquatch reports of which many sightings were from nearby places in Oregon and northern California.  Rosie and I returned in 2022 and hiked four trails and on one trail, I re-proposed to her, which was a pledge that I made back when I hiked here in 1990.

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