RUBY FALLS Chattanooga, Tennessee

Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller, Jacque Miller, Matt Miller, Holly Miller, Shane Miller

Date:   1988, June 2002

If you get within 100 miles of Chattanooga on I-75 south you start seeing the billboards “Visit Ruby Falls”. We did. We drove up winding Lookout Mountain to an old castle looking structure. Shane viewed Chattanooga and the valley below from the parapet. We bought tickets, rode an elevator down into the mountain 26 stories and exited into an underground cavern walkway through the mountain filled with various cave formations like stalactites and drapery formations.  After a long walk we heard rushing water but saw nothing. The guide flipped on colored lights and there was Ruby Falls, a series of cascading underground waterfalls totaling 145 feet. It was very spectacular, something we did not expect deep in the bowels of the mountain. Ruby Falls is the tallest and deepest underground waterfall open to the public in the USA.

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