Biking Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller

Date: May 30, 2010 & May 2012

The Dayton Cycling Club staged their annual bike ride beginning at Brookville. You could ride 33, 50, 67 or 100 miles. In 2012 we peddled the 33 mile route. In 2012 we peddled the 67 mile route northwest on a circular route on bike paths and country roads that wound through the beautiful, peaceful country and small villages eventually returning to Brookville. We biked through a couple covered bridges and saw lots of creative “barn” artwork. The last photo shows the three of us at the beginning of the ride and for some reason, Rosie put her bike helmet on backwards and didn’t notice. We told her a couple miles later. This was my longest ride on my mountain bike and when I was finished, I walked like John Wayne. My butt was sore.

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