Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Jacque Miller

Expedition Date: March 26, 2009

This valley across the Nile River from Luxor, was the site where rock cut tombs were cut for Pharaoh’s and powerful nobles for over 500 years between the 16th to 11th century BC. After our boat ride across the Nile River and a 45 minute donkey ride we reached our destination.  A total of 62 known tombs have been found here spread out all through the valley. In another adventure, I wrote about us viewing the most famous tomb here, King Tut.

Jacque and I got to visit four tombs: Ramses IX, Ramses IV, Thutmoses III and King Tut. We had to climb a lot of steps to reach the tomb of Thutmoses III which was located higher up the hill (Photo #3). The paintings and hieroglyphics on the tomb walls still retained beautiful, vivid colors even after 3,000 years. Examples are Thutmoses III (Photo#4), Ramses IV (Photo#5) and Ramses IX (photo#6).

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